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L654   Port Authority - Ladies Long Sleeve Gingham Easy Care Shirt. L654
L500LS   Port Authority - Ladies Long Sleeve Silk Touch Sport Shirt. L500LS
L632   Port Authority - Ladies Long Sleeve Value Poplin Shirt. L632
L792   Port Authority - Ladies Nootka Jacket. L792
L536   Port Authority - Ladies Patterned Easy Care Camp Shirt. L536
L420   Port Authority - Ladies Pique Knit Sport Shirt. L420
L709   Port Authority - Ladies Puffy Vest. L709
LP79   Port Authority - Ladies R-Tek Fleece Vest. LP79
L562   Port Authority - Ladies Silk Touch 3/4-Sleeve Sport Shirt. L562
L561M   Port Authority - Ladies Silk Touch Maternity 3/4-Sleeve V-Neck Shirt. L561M
L500SVLS   Port Authority - Ladies Silk Touch Sleeveless Sport Shirt. L500SVLS
L500   Port Authority - Ladies Silk Touch Sport Shirt. L500
L293   Port Authority - Ladies Slub Fleece Full-Zip Jacket. L293
L487   Port Authority - Ladies Soft Touch Sport Shirt. L487
L649   Port Authority - Ladies Stain-Resistant Roll Sleeve Twill Shirt. L649
L701   Port Authority - Ladies Successor Jacket. L701
L527   Port Authority - Ladies Tech Pique Polo. L527
L706   Port Authority - Ladies Textured Hooded Soft Shell Jacket. L706
L705   Port Authority - Ladies Textured Soft Shell Jacket. L705
L794   Port Authority - Ladies Two-Tone Soft Shell Jacket. L794
S600   Port Authority - Long Sleeve Denim Shirt. S600
S654   Port Authority - Long Sleeve Gingham Easy Care Shirt. S654
K500LSP   Port Authority - Long Sleeve Silk Touch Sport Shirt with Pocket. K500LSP
BG117   Port Authority - Lunch Tote Cooler. BG117
SV02   Port Authority - Mesh Safety Vest. SV02
BG51   Port Authority - Messenger Briefcase. BG51
C823   Port Authority - Mothwing® GameDay™ Camo Cap C823
BG114   Port Authority - Packable Travel Duffel. BG114
S536   Port Authority - Patterned Easy Care Camp Shirt. S536
K528   Port Authority - Performance Fine Jacquard Sport Shirt. K528
K482   Port Authority - Pima Select Sport Shirt with PimaCool Technology. K482
K420P   Port Authority - Pique Knit Sport Shirt with Pocket. K420P
S639   Port Authority - Plaid Pattern Easy Care Shirt. S639
BG109   Port Authority - RapidPass Backpack. BG109
BG108   Port Authority - RapidPass Briefcase. BG108
S300   Port Authority - Retro Camp Shirt. S300
BG119   Port Authority - Rolling Cooler. BG119
SRJ754   Port Authority - Safety Challenger Jacket with Reflective Taping. SRJ754
S655   Port Authority - Short Sleeve Gingham Easy Care Shirt. S655
K500   Port Authority - Silk Touch Sport Shirt. K500
BG112   Port Authority - Sling Pack. BG112
F295   Port Authority - Slub Fleece 1/4-Zip Pullover. F295
B116   Port Authority - Small Stow-N-Go Tote. B116
K555   Port Authority - Stretch Pique Polo. K555
TLJ754   Port Authority - Tall Challenger Jacket. TLJ754
TLK524   Port Authority - Tall Dry Zone Colorblock Ottoman Polo. TLK524
TLK525   Port Authority - Tall Dry Zone Ottoman Polo. TLK525
TLS600   Port Authority - Tall Long Sleeve Denim Shirt. TLS600
TLK420   Port Authority - Tall Pique Knit Sport Shirt. TLK420
TLS508   Port Authority - Tall Short Sleeve Easy Care Shirt. TLS508
TLK500   Port Authority - Tall Silk Touch Sport Shirt. TLK500
TLK510   Port Authority - Tall Stain-Resistant Polo. TLK510
TLS642   Port Authority - Tall Tattersall Easy Care Shirt. TLS642
TLJ705   Port Authority - Tall Textured Soft Shell Jacket. TLJ705
TLS613   Port Authority - Tall Tonal Pattern Easy Care Shirt. TLS613
S642   Port Authority - Tattersall Easy Care Shirt. S642
K548   Port Authority - Tech Embossed Polo. K548
BG701   Port Authority - Toiletry Kit. BG701
BG83   Port Authority - Two-Tone Cinch Pack. BG83
J783   Port Authority - Wool and Leather Letterman Jacket. J783
Y500LS   Port Authority - Youth Long Sleeve Silk Touch Polo. Y500LS
Y420   Port Authority - Youth Pique Knit Sport Shirt. Y420
Y540   Port Authority - Youth Silk Touch Performance Polo. Y540
Y500   Port Authority - Youth Silk Touch Polo. Y500
Y217   Port Authority - Youth Value Fleece Jacket. Y217
L305   Port Authority reg; Ladies Hooded Essential Jacket. L305
C839   Port Authority Signature - Double Piping Sandwich Bill Cap. C839
C838   Port Authority Signature - Dry Zone Cap. C838
C879   Port Authority Signature - Portflex Structured Cap. C879
K455LS   Port Authority Signature - Rapid Dry Long Sleeve Sport Shirt. K455LS
L785   Port Authority Signature - Ladies Park Avenue Lambskin Jacket. L785
C910   Port Authority® - R-Tek™ Stretch Fleece Headband.C910
J315   Port Authority; Barrier Jacket. J315
L315   Port Authority; Ladies Barrier Jacket. L315
L543   Port Authority; Ladies Concept Shrug. L543
L224   Port Authority; Ladies Microfleece 1/2 Zip Pullover. L224
L225   Port Authority; Ladies Microfleece Hoodie. L225
L223   Port Authority; Ladies Microfleece Jacket. L223
L226   Port Authority; Ladies Microfleece Vest. L226
L509   Port Authority; Ladies Performance Cross Dye Henley. L509
L222   Port Authority; Ladies Pique Fleece Jacket. L222
L316   Port Authority; Ladies Traverse Soft Shell Jacket. L316
F224   Port Authority; Microfleece 1/2 Zip Pullover. F224.
F223   Port Authority; Microfleece Jacket. F223
F226   Port Authority; Microfleece Vest. F226
BP40   Port Authority; Mountain Lodge Blanket. BP40
BG901   Port Authority; Neoprene Dual Bottle Wine Tote. BG901
BG900   Port Authority; Neoprene Single Bottle Wine Tote. BG900
F222   Port Authority; Pique Fleece Jacket. F222
BP30   Port Authority; Plush Blanket. BP30
JP77   Port Authority; R Tek; Fleece Full Zip Jacket. JP77
C916   Port Authority; Two Color Fleece Headband. C916
YJP56   Port Authority® - Youth Team Jacket. YJP56
BG652S   Port Authority® - Classic Tablet Sleeve. BG652S.
BG200   Port Authority® - Cyber Backpack. BG200
BG300   Port Authority® - Cyber Messenger. BG300
S647   Port Authority® - Fine Stripe Stretch Poplin Shirt. S647
PWU   Port Authority® - Garment Washed Cap. PWU
TW51   Port Authority® - Grommeted Golf Towel. TW51
TW50   Port Authority® - Grommeted Tri-Fold Golf Towel. TW50
BG810   Port Authority® - Improved Cinch Pack with Mesh Trim. BG810
B5160   Port Authority® - Improved Panel Tote. B5160
L555   Port Authority® - Ladies Stretch Pique Polo. L555
A525   Port Authority® - Medium Length Apron. A525
S656   Port Authority® - Short Sleeve Crosshatch Easy Care Shirt. S656
S659   Port Authority® - Short Sleeve SuperPro™ Oxford Shirt. S659
TW52   Port Authority® - Sport Towel. TW52
S658   Port Authority® - SuperPro™ Oxford Shirt. S658
A515   Port Authority® - Waist Apron with Pockets. A515
A530   Port Authority® - Waist Apron. A530
BG100   Port Authority® - Xcape™ Computer Backpack. BG100
Y219   Port Authority® - Youth Value Fleece Vest Y219
BTU   Port Authority® Brushed Twill Cap. BTU.
C807   Port Authority® Camo Cap with Contrast Front Panel. C807 Product Description
C851   Port Authority® Camouflage Cap. C851 Product Description
C822   Port Authority® Camouflage Visor. C822
J321   Port Authority® Colorblock 3-in-1 Jacket. J321
C867   Port Authority® Contrast Stripe Sandwich Bill Cap. C867.
k100P   Port Authority® Core Classic Pique Pocket Polo. K100P
K100   Port Authority® Core Classic Pique Polo. K100
K568   Port Authority® Cotton Touch Performance Polo. K568
K569   Port Authority® Diamond Jacquard Polo. K569
K574   Port Authority® Digi Heather Performance Polo. K574
C818   Port Authority® Double Mesh Snapback Sandwich Bill Cap. C818
K524   Port Authority® Dry Zone® Colorblock Ottoman Polo. K524
K525   Port Authority® Dry Zone® Ottoman Polo. K525
A700   Port Authority® Easy Care Extra Long Bib Apron with Stain Release. A700
A703   Port Authority® Easy Care Full-Length Apron with Stain Release. A703
A704   Port Authority® Easy Care Tuxedo Apron with Stain Release. A704
J307   Port Authority® Embark Soft Shell Jacket. J307
L307   Port Authority® Embark Soft Shell Jacket. J307
C820   Port Authority® Embroidered Camouflage Cap. C820 Product Description
C836   Port Authority® Enhanced Visibility Cap. C836 Product Description
K558   Port Authority® Fine Stripe Performance Polo. K558
C800   Port Authority® Fine Twill Cap. C800.
TB850   Port Authority® Fleece & Poly Travel Blanket. TB850
C813   Port Authority® Flexfit® Cotton Twill Cap. C813
C808   Port Authority® Flexfit® Flat Bill Cap. C808
C809   Port Authority® Flexfit® Garment Washed Cap. C809
C812   Port Authority® Flexfit® Mesh Back Cap. C812
C814   Port Authority® Game Day Camouflage Cap. C814.
J311   Port Authority® Gradient Soft Shell Jacket. J311
C827   Port Authority® Hi-Beam Cap. C827 Product Description
K808   Port Authority® Interlock Polo Cover-Up
L321   Port Authority® Ladies Colorblock 3-in-1 Jacket. L321
L100   Port Authority® Ladies Core Classic Pique Polo. L100
L568   Port Authority® Ladies Cotton Touch Performance Polo. L568
L640   Port Authority® Ladies Crosshatch Easy Care Shirt. L640
L569   Port Authority® Ladies Diamond Jacquard Polo. L569
L524   Port Authority® Ladies Dry Zone® Colorblock Ottoman Polo. L524
L572   Port Authority® Ladies Dry Zone® Grid Polo
L525   Port Authority® Ladies Dry Zone® Ottoman Polo. L525
L558   Port Authority® Ladies Fine Stripe Performance Polo. L558
L312   Port Authority® Ladies Gradient Hooded Soft Shell Jacket. L312
L608   Port Authority® Ladies Long Sleeve Easy Care Shirt
L528   Port Authority® Ladies Performance Fine Jacquard Polo. L528
L580   Port Authority® Ladies Pinpoint Mesh Zip Polo. L580
L639   Port Authority® Ladies Plaid Pattern Easy Care Shirt. L639
L540   Port Authority® Ladies Silk Touch™ Performance Polo. L540
L510   Port Authority® Ladies Stain-Resistant Polo. L510
L556   Port Authority® Ladies Stretch Pique Button-Front Shirt. L556
L658   Port Authority® Ladies SuperPro™ Oxford Shirt. L658
L650   Port Authority® Ladies Ultra Stretch Polo. L650
L324   Port Authority® Ladies Welded Soft Shell Jacket. L324
K100LS   Port Authority® Long Sleeve Core Classic Pique Polo. K100LS
HCF   Port Authority® Outback Hat. HCF Product Description
C821   Port Authority® Perforated Cap. C821.
C819   Port Authority® Pigment-Dyed Camouflage Cap. C819 Product Description
K580   Port Authority® Pinpoint Mesh Polo. K580
C826   Port Authority® Pique Mesh Cap. C826.
C861   Port Authority® Portflex® Unstructured Cap. C861.
C869   Port Authority® Pro Camouflage Series Cap with Mesh Back. C869 Product Description
C855   Port Authority® Pro Camouflage Series Cap. C855.
C871   Port Authority® Pro Camouflage Series Garment-Washed Cap. C871 Product Description
C833   Port Authority® Pro Mesh Cap. C833.
C832   Port Authority® Reflective Sandwich Bill Cap. C832.
C804   Port Authority® Safety Cap with Camo Brim. C804 Product Description
C852   Port Authority® Sandwich Bill Cap. C852.
L659   Port Authority® Short Sleeve SuperPro™ Oxford Shirt. S659
K540   Port Authority® Silk Touch™ Performance Polo. K540
C806   Port Authority® Solid Enhanced Visibility Cap. C806 Product Description
C811   Port Authority® Spray Wash Cap. C811.
K510   Port Authority® Stain-Resistant Polo. K510
C850   Port Authority® Sueded Cap. C850.
TLK100   Port Authority® Tall Core Classic Pique Polo. TLK100
TLK527   Port Authority® Tall Tech Pique Polo. TLK527
K527   Port Authority® Tech Pique Polo. K527
J316   Port Authority® Traverse Soft Shell Jacket. J316
C815   Port Authority® Two-Tone Brushed Twill Cap. C815.
S650   Port Authority® Ultra Stretch Pocket Polo. S650
BG77   Port Authority® Urban Backpack. BG77
F217   Port Authority® Value Fleece Jacket. F217
J319   Port Authority® Vertical Soft Shell Jacket. J319.
C835   Port Authority® Vintage Washed Contrast Stitch Cap. C835.
J324   Port Authority® Welded Soft Shell Jacket. J324
BG76S   Port Authority® Wheeled Backpack. BG76S
Y100   Port Authority® Youth Core Classic Pique Polo. Y100
CAR06   Precious Cargo - Fleece Receiving Blanket. CAR06
CAR18   Precious Cargo - Hooded Towel. CAR18
CAR04   Precious Cargo - Infant 1-Piece. CAR04

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