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Badger - Stretch Football Pant.9279
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Badger - Stretch Football Pant.9279

Track & Warm Up Pants

These athletic and football pants from major brands are designed to facilitate movement and maximize the effects of a workout. Basic track pants stretch with the runner's body and have side zippers for ventilation. They tie at the waist for a perfect fit and do not make any distracting noises while the runner is in motion.

Professional-grade warm up pants have a special lining that makes them easy to take off right before an event. They have a slightly looser fit than the track pants for added breathability and motion. Breakaway pants are favorites of serious athletes. They have snaps going down the outsides of both legs, making it easy to take them off with a single tug at the waistband. These pants fit smoothly over uniforms and are not as heavy as other kinds of athletic pants.